Orthopedic Physical Therapy



It is a true blessing that we can do whatever we want and whenever we want but life can be really difficult if your joints, muscles, tendons, or bones do not perform well. Pain in any body part can be really frustrating, and it can affect your life. You cannot do daily tasks and work, which can be hard.

Maximum rehabilitation offers you pain relieving therapies. Max-rehab has the best orthopedic rehabilitation specialists in Chicago. We offer different types of services including orthopedic and rehabilitation services. We also offer multiple treatments like orthopedic injury, orthopedic therapy, orthopedic rehabilitation, and more. You can benefit from our services and have a healthy life.

Maximum Rehabilitation is proud to have on its staff of highly qualified therapists, therapists that are certified in The McKenzie Method®.

The McKenzie therapy is a physical therapy and exercise that involves in moving the pain from extremities like arm and legs to the back. The McKenzie Method is also called mechanical diagnosis and therapy (MDT). This method consists of four steps, assessment, classification, treatment and prevention. This method is effective, reliable and helpful in reliving acute pain from arms, legs and neck.

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