Functional Capacity

Functional Capacity Evaluation (FCE)


Maximum Rehabilitation Services’ Functional Capacity Evaluation test is designed to collect information regarding physical abilities to determine whether or not a patient can return to previous job duties. FCEs are generally used as part of a Workmen's Compensation claim or after an injury that inhibits the patient from returning to work.

What Happens During an FCE?

An in-depth questionnaire is used to determine other conditions and specific limitations the patient may have, whether directly or indirectly related to your job duties. It gives baseline pain values and a general idea of what types of activities exacerbate pain levels. FCEs utilize real and simulated workstations to evaluate the patient's abilities. These stations are used to mimic the types of physical activities the patient may perform on the job.

Workstations include lifting, push-ups/pull-ups, squats with and without weights, overhead activities, and more It also includes maintaining a position for a specified time or walking for a specified distance.

You can take consistent effort measurements through these standardized tests to establish the level of work that can be performed. It can identify whether there is a need for special accommodations in order for the patient to return to work. An FCE can take several hours to complete, depending on the scope of testing.

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