Therapist doing sports rehabilitation therapy on a patient

Sports Injuries And Their Treatments

By admin | July 4, 2022

Sports injuries are common in youth, but anyone can suffer from them. Mostly sports injuries happen while running, jumping, or throwing. Most muscle injuries are a result of stretching of muscles, and the common cause of bone injuries is fracturing. … Read more

Women experiencing pain on her shoulders

Chronic Pain Management

By admin | June 29, 2022

Chronic pain lasts for more than three months and leads to a significant impairment of activities of daily living and activities. In this situation, a patient becomes short of being bedridden and needs immediate care. Most people opt for rehabilitation services, … Read more

Digital Composite Of Highlighted Bones for Lower Back Pain

7 Stretches for Lower Back Pain

By admin | June 29, 2022

Although lower back pain is common in adults in Chicago and has several causes, the precise symptoms and reasons differ greatly across patients. The pain experienced by some people may be dull, and it may grow with time. Whereas the … Read more

Physiotherapist helping patient in vestibular exercise

Vestibular and Balance Rehabilitation Therapy

By admin | June 18, 2022

Vestibular rehabilitation has been shown to improve the quality of life for patients with various vestibular (inner ear) diseases. People with vestibular disorders often experience dizziness, vertigo, visual issues, and feeling out of balance. Is rehabilitation meant to solve any … Read more

lady doctor treating a patient of back pain

Low Back Pain Rehabilitation

By admin | June 17, 2022

We all have, at some point in our lives, felt pain, whether it be in our low back pain, necks or legs. Pain is an uncomfortable aching sensation. Body aches are common. They can result from exercise or tiredness, but … Read more

Chronic Pain & Pain Rehabilitation

Chronic Pain and Pain Rehabilitation in Chicago

By admin | May 20, 2022

The body’s natural response to an accident or sickness is pain. It signals that something is wrong.  However, pain persists long after the reason has passed for many individuals. Chronic pain rehabilitation is defined as pain that lasts for three … Read more

How Physical Therapy Works

10 Ways How Physical Therapy Services Work In Managing Health

By admin | May 9, 2022

Physical therapy is essential for maintaining bone strength in youth and senior years. Physical Therapy services are equally beneficent for patients with injuries or bone disease. Why Physical Therapy Is Beneficent Bone is living tissue, and it responds to pressures … Read more

Rehabilitation Services

What Are Rehabilitation Services?

By admin | April 26, 2022

Rehabilitation services are a concept that is generally discussed in the global world nowadays. This is unsurprising, given that over a billion individuals around the world have a disability, contributing to almost 15% of the worldwide population. Furthermore, according to … Read more

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